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We came out of the Great Depression by creating jobs,like the TVA and the CCC,not by bailing out banks and big business.  Americans used proceeds from these jobs to buy homes,automobiles and refrigerators.  These purchases gave other Americans jobs to manufacture them.  The problem is today, all the incentives that the government tries do not create the same jobs.  The real problem is our trade deficit.  Americans spend most of this money on imported products,thus creating jobs overseas and not in America.  If we really want to restore America,we must attack all the problems simultaneously.  These are Trade,Immigration,Energy,Government regulation and Taxes.  If many of the great inventors and industrialist of the 20th century had tried to establish their businesses in todays business climate they would probably fail.  With far too much government regulation,taxes and fees,a start up business struggles to make it through the first year.  America was built on the business principle of a quality product at a fair price.  We have now lowered our standards to making it as cheap as we can, and selling it for as much as we can.  Join me in restoring the pride,quality,ingenuity of the american worker.  I will represent your interests for a better quality of life.

Constitution Party


Representing the American Worker

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